Online veganic gardening course

Grow your garden the vegan way!

In this online course, you’ll learn how to grow fruits and veggies at home using sustainable veganic techniques.

Join the Learn Veganic course this fall if you’d like to:

Join the Learn Veganic course if you’d like to grow a thriving garden that is:

You'll discover

5+ ways to garden veganically
Permaculture to optimize your garden
How healthy soil =
vibrant plants
How to create biodiversity hotspots

Kickstart your veganic journey

In this online course, you’ll learn a variety of veganic techniques so you can choose the ones that are best adapted for your space, your climate, your goals, and your lifestyle!

You'll learn

Whether you’re totally new to gardening or if you’re an experienced gardener who would like to learn new techniques, we’d love to help you reach your gardening goals.

The main principles of veganic gardening are the same in any climate, so you’re welcome to join us from wherever you are!

12+ hours of course videos


1-on-1 Q&A session

The course includes

Shortly after signing up, you’ll get access to 12+ hours of pre-recorded classes, which you can watch at your own pace, or even skip ahead to the topics that are most important for your gardening projects! You’ll have access to these videos and plenty of extra resources on the Learn Veganic Course Platform for a full year after signing up.

This session of the Learn Veganic course includes a 1-hour Zoom call with the course teacher, Meg, so you can get personalized advice about your gardening projects and ask questions about the course! After signing up, you have a full year to book your 1-on-1 call. 

As a Learn Veganic participant, you’re welcome to join our private Facebook group to connect with participants, alumni, and the course teachers. You can also email us directly with questions if you prefer!

Sign up today!

We’d love to help you grow a fully vegan garden!

You can register for the course here! (if you’re low-income, a student, a non-profit, or a volunteer, you’re welcome to sign up with the reduced rate).


$ 195
  • 12+ hours of course videos
  • 1-on-1 gardening Q&A
  • Plenty of awesomeness!

Low income, students, non-profits & volunteers

$ 135
  • 12+ hours of course videos
  • 1-on-1 gardening Q&A
  • Plenty of awesomeness!

Meet your teachers

Hi, we’re Meg and Stef! 

We co-founded the Veganic Agriculture Network in 2008.

We’ve taught gardening to hundreds of people and we’re thrilled to help you reach your veganic gardening goals.


I learned veganic permaculture to become more self-sufficient while sticking to my vegan values.

I constantly experiment with a hands-on DIY approach. I’ve practiced veganics for 15 years in community gardens, concrete jungles, and up in the Canadian hillside.


I love innovating and finding new ways to veganize anything and everything.

I studied organic vegetable farming and visited veganic farms across Europe. I’m equally comfortable optimizing a tiny balcony or planting berry bushes in the countryside.

"Listening to Meg and Stef made gardening come alive, and was very motivating and very fun, like listening to a friend, and it made me want to do it, too." ~ Sarah
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“Meg and Stef were amazing! Veganic was totally new to me, and they presented the information so clearly.” ~ Armando
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“Meg & Stef have an amazing depth of knowledge and create a warm and welcoming environment where amateurs and experts can share and learn together.” ~ Matt
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Bonus! Activity Guide

We’re happy to offer a free e-book of the Veganic Grower's Handbook to registrants of the Learn Veganic course this spring!

This 328-page book by veganic farmer Jimmy Videle provides guidance through the seasons and detailed plant profiles, and is a wonderful complement to what you'll learn in the Learn Veganic course!

We’re happy to offer a Veganic Gardening Activity Guide to all Learn Veganic participants!

This guide will help you plan your garden, assess your land, and explore your garden throughout the season with a permaculture mindset!

Let's garden!

We're excited to share veganic gardening with you!

Veganic is the compassionate, healthy, and sustainable way to grow food.

We're looking forward to welcoming you into the Learn Veganic community and helping you reach your gardening goals!

Meg and Stef

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