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Grow your own food using plant-based techniques

Why veganic?


Animal byproducts like manure and blood meal are often used in organic growing. Oh no! Veganic uses plant-based techniques in harmony with free-living animals.


Veganic gardening regenerates soil, sequesters carbon, and provides habitats. It’s totally organic with no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.


What’s better than eating peas from your balcony or grapes from the backyard? Veganic boosts food security while greening our neighborhoods.

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5+ ways to garden veganically
how healthy soil = vibrant plants
techniques for any space and climate
permaculture to optimize your garden
how to create biodiversity hotspots

Meet your teachers

Hi, we’re Meg and Stef!  
We co-founded the Veganic Agriculture Network in 2008. 
We’ve taught gardening to hundreds of students in person. 
We’re thrilled to reach a wider audience through Learn Veganic classes.


I learned veganic permaculture to become more self-sufficient while sticking to my vegan values. 

I constantly experiment with a hands-on DIY approach. I’ve practiced veganics for 10+ years in community gardens, concrete jungles and up in the hills.


I love innovating and finding new ways to veganize anything and everything.

After growing up on a conventional dairy farm, I studied organic vegetable farming and visited veganic farms across Europe. I’m equally comfortable optimizing a tiny balcony or planting berry bushes in the countryside. 

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